overcoming my weakness


I sank into my favorite "alone spot". A little corner booth at one of my favorite restaurants where there is bottomless sweet tea. For me, creativity and sweet tea pretty much go hand-in-hand. It had been a beast of a week. I honestly didn't even know what day of the week it was, much less was I really sure what month we were in. My heart ached, my body ached. I cried out to God, why-oh-why does life hurt so bad? Why is the world so harsh? Why does motherhood and being a women make me ache to my … [Read more...]

the capsule project – the comfy sweater


Welcome to The Capsule Project! If you missed the story behind this series, check it out here! As I talked about in that post, one of my goals for this project was to build some comfy and cute "everyday mom" clothes into my wardrobe. I wanted some items to wear in just my normal routine that didn't consist of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Something I've been drawn to this winter is sweaters. The comfy, baggy, cover everything up sweaters. I love that I can wear these in just my normal everyday … [Read more...]

mother’s day designs are here!


I'm so excited about this new line of cards and stationery for Mother's Day this year! I have a handful of fun cards to make your mom's day and also some fun gifts just for her! Or better yet, maybe a little something for YOU? Don't let Mother's Day go by this year with another "thanks for the 30 hours of labor" text to your mom. Give her something really special and personalized! Head over and check out our Mother's Day Collection and order something pretty for your mama! … [Read more...]



I have been holding in this super exciting announcement for months now and I am bursting to share it with you!!!! When Nathalie and I launched Thrive a little less than a year ago, we had SO many big dreams. We had dreams of bringing moms together for an amazing time of refreshment and encouragement, a retreat filled with lots of Jesus, lots of encouragement and LOTS of "you've got this" high fives. The hard part? Moms are BUSY. Like really busy. And getting away from the family can be tough. … [Read more...]

it’s a girl thing


Having three girls means LOTS of girl things fill my home. Dolls, dresses and drama. Those all come in abundance. It's always been fascinating to me that you don't have to teach a child how to be a boy or a girl. You don't have to teach a little girl that it's fun to put on a twirly dress and carry a purse. It's just built in her that she wants to be pretty. You don't have to teach little boys to like dirt, their DNA is half dirt already. I just love that about God and how He creates … [Read more...]

puke, disappointments & hard lessons learned


I spent 90% of last weekend puking into a little bucket next to my bed. We're all friends here and can talk about that kind of stuff, right? I thought so. I was out shopping Friday evening for last minute birthday party stuff and felt like I was going to puke all over aisle 4. Long story short, I was up all night with a nasty stomach bug and we had to cancel Makenzi's first birthday party. I was devastated having to cancel her party. Not just because I'm a party planner and a lot went into … [Read more...]

The Capsule Project – Vision & Goals


I was so excited when my friend Jessi told me about The Capsule Project that she was starting. You can go here to read about her heart behind this project. I wanted to share a little bit of why I decided to jump on board with this project and what you can expect to see in the next few months! My body has changed a LOT in the past 5 years. I have been pregnant 3 times which has really taken a toll on my body. Nothing fits the way it used to and I've practically had to get rid of all of my … [Read more...]

Makenzi is one!


This year flew by!!! I feel like it was just yesterday I was waddling around this giant belly and now she's waddling around the house. What an absolute JOY this girl is. Always so happy, and pretty hilarious! She loves watching her sisters and chasing them around the house. It's so fun to watch them all learn and grow together! Happy Birthday our precious girl! We love you so! Β  … [Read more...]

influence tickets are on sale!


Influence Conference tickets are on sale today!!! If you haven't heard of the Influence Conference, you can go here to read some of my past posts. This will be my 3rd year being a community leader and I'm a part of the Influence Events Team as well. So, needless to say, I have a LOT of heart and energy that goes into this community! It's made a huge difference in my online life and how I make much of Jesus in what I do online! Thinking of attending a blogging conference this year? I would be … [Read more...]


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