breathing room


I've been a bit on the busy side lately. When I've sat down to try to even write a blog post, I feel like I'm suffocating and can't seem to catch my breath. I've been so swamped with planning for the Thrive Retreat that I haven't had much time to focus on anything else. My husband and kids included. Doesn't it seem ironic that I'm spending so much time helping women Thrive when I'm struggling to do the same myself? What I never really thought about or expected when I started a ministry for … [Read more...]

Breakfast Shakes from Quaker {sponsored post}


I'm a very busy mom, that's no secret. One of my biggest struggles as a mom is taking care of MYSELF. And eating tops the list. Some days it will be 7:00pm and I'll realize the only thing I've had to eat that day is the leftover, dry sandwich my girls left on the table at lunch. It can be so hard to remember to feed yourself when you have lots of little mouths to feed! I was thrilled to hear about these new Breakfast Shakes from Quaker. I've tried some meal replacement shakes before, but they … [Read more...]

Thrive Moms: Mugs + Journals!


We are THRILLED to announce that we are offering Mugs & Journals for the Thrive Moms Retreat!!  The journals are a retreat guide for note taking and also a 10 Day Devotional to encourage and inspire your hearts as you seek Christ as your Hiding Place. We are so excited to share a piece of our hearts with you through these beautiful journals! The mugs are a beautiful reminder to seek Him every day as you suck down your 12 cups of coffee every morning! Don't we all need that … [Read more...]

Easter DIY Fingerprint Art – Prints from BE Print Shop!


I am thrilled to share an adorable Easter Craft with you today! These adorable DIY Thumbprint Prints from BE Print Shop are the perfect way to share Easter with your kids and a beautiful way to decorate your home! When you order, you get 2 prints (because we all know how a toddler craft can go!). I loved doing this craft with my kids and it's a beautiful piece of art to hang in our home now! Go order your prints today! You will absolutely love Kendahl and her beautiful prints! Get to know … [Read more...]

rest and why it’s good for the soul


I'm not very good at taking breaks. I'm what one might call an "overachiever". I mean come on, I had 3 babies in under three years. That's just showing off! #winkyface But seriously, I really have a hard time stopping. I am involved in a lot of things and so it's easy for me to keep my mind spinning at full speed and never slow down. My friend Nathalie told me the other day I remind her of an energizer bunny, and while this is funny, it can be a bit scary too. I never thought I would become a … [Read more...]

how to shower less (and still look fabulous!)


I will never claim to be the expert on anything. Not parenting, marriage, blogging, anything. BUT this is one thing I feel like I almost have expert status on because I've just about perfected it. Faking that I'm clean. You laugh, but I'm sooooo serious. When I was a brand new mom with a crazy colicy baby, I wondered if I would ever shower again. Those first three months of motherhood were a nightmare. Then it got super fun, and I got super pregnant. Again and again. Showering regularly … [Read more...]

some frozen fun!


Having a house full of girls, we are busting at the seams with Princess love. We twirl, we sing, we fluff, it's so incredibly cute. I just can't get enough of Frozen (ok, well maybe sometimes hearing the songs for the 40 billionth time gets to be a bit much...), and I think it's because of the theme of sisterhood. I just love that it teaches my girls that they can be different but still love each other for their uniqueness. I had to share these fun activity sheets with you guys! Remember, the … [Read more...]

a secret I can’t keep during cold season!


This cold and flu season has been a beating on our house. It's been one thing after another throughout the winter and since this has been the endless winter, it's dragging out even longer. The coughing, the runny noses, it feels like it's never going to stop. The kids faces just get raw from so much nose wiping. Makenzi has been teething like crazy and she's just been miserable. I had to share this best kept secret with you! My friends at Dr. Browns sent over these new wipes of theirs for us … [Read more...]

a new season is coming


Last week I realized I was being a total debbie downer. After a few "are you doing ok" text messages and "I'm worried about you" conversations, I realized I was letting the dark side sink in. It had been a HARD few months. Literally on new years eve, a horrible round of sickness crept up on us. For nearly 3 months someone has been sick. We've had stomach flus, RSV, sinus infections and more. You name it, we've probably had it in the past 3 months. With the endless winter and endless sickness, … [Read more...]


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