a few days off

I'm taking the next few days away from the blog to spend time with family & friends! I am so excited and really enjoying our vacation! Friday -- My brother, his wife & my precious niece Taelyn are coming to my parents to spend the day.  We haven't seen Taelyn in 6 months and I can't wait to love on her!! So bummed that the other niece, Tallie can't be here :( Saturday -- FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!!! Gooooooooooo POKES! Spending some quality time with Brook's brother, sister, & bro … [Read more...]

much to be thankful for

Thankful that I have a healthy beautiful little baby girl growing inside of me. I'm going to take good care of her this Thanksgiving and feed her all kinds of yummy things!! Thankful for my husband and best friend.  I couldn't ask for a better man and everyday is an adventure with him. (yes baby...i DO like adventures with you!! ;)) Thankful we get to spend this Thanksgiving with family. (We'll miss Brook's parents & Reagan!) Thankful that we have some amazing friends/family throwing us a … [Read more...]

thankful for hormones.

Pregnancy sucks. Can I get an AMEN? Ok...at least it's been bad for me. BUT thankfully, the Lord knew how tough it was going to be and gave me wonderful friends to suffer with :) MEET TODD & WENDY: Two of our very best friends in the entire world. They are just one week behind us, and actually have their c-section scheduled on our due date! Our babies could come on the same day. How fun would that be?? And Wendy...if your baby boy arrives before our baby girl, I'll be very very angry. For … [Read more...]

a huge blessing!

We got our new crib!! I'm so excited and happy that we will have a safe crib for Baby Girl after all the drama we went through with it!   Cute huh?? I love it! (That is NOT our bedding...yikes.) A HUGE THANKS.... To my amazing in-laws for this gift to us. We are so thankful for parents that are so supportive of us and want to invest so much in their precious grand daughter!! Grandmother & Grandfather James...thank you, thank you, thank you! (You better come up with some cute names soon … [Read more...]

enough love?

Our parents always told us that when we had kids of our own we'd understand why they love us so much and why they do the things they do for us. Hey mom & dad...I'm starting to get it. After marrying who I believe to be the greatest man on the planet, I wasn't sure I'd have enough love inside of me to love anything else.  It's amazing how God creates babies, and grows our love for them over time. I've never seen her little face. I've never held her hand, or touched her. I am patiently … [Read more...]

4th of July!

Next to Christmas & my birthday...which is in 2 days... The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love summer, relaxing and watching fireworks!! We had a great time hanging out with the Norman's and their kiddos on Friday.  We cooked them up some James famous burgers! I think they were fans. :) Since we live in downtown Huntington Beach, main street was closed off all morning on Saturday for the parade.  Well...we slept through the parade but got up in time to enjoy a little time at … [Read more...]

home sweet home!

We finally arrived in Orange County late last night!! The trip was absolutely amazing, and I will get to that soon enough.  All was going great on our trip back to Oklahoma until we landed in Atlanta on Friday morning at 10am.  Our flight was at 1:45, which got delayed.  Then we changed gates.  Then we changes concourses.  Then we changed gates again.  Then we changed gates.  Yeah you get it.  Basically after 8 hours of waiting and being delayed, the flight was canceled.  Everyone scrambled to … [Read more...]

Day two: the niece

We got up to head to church at my brothers church where they live in Sulphur, OK. Definitely a little different than what we're used to, but always great to see people worship in different ways. I wish I could say I totally paid attention, but I was a bit distracted. We finally got to meet Taelyn Brooke!! She's absolutely beautiful and has the greatest little personality. Her lips are gorgeous and she puckers them up and makes this 'blue steel' face. Outstanding! I couldn't get enough of … [Read more...]

Day one: life on the farm

Vacation Day One began at 3:45 am. That's right, it does exist. We drove over to the Norman's to drop off Jack.  They're graciously keeping our wonderful son for the next two weeks.  Chris got out of bed at 5:00am to take us to the airport.  Jack wasn't so happy to see us go! After a LOOOONG day of flying, we finally arrived in OKLAHOMA!! My parents picked us up and we were off to Purcell, OK! We stopped for dinner at Rodney's Pizza, the BEST pizza in the world.  HANDS DOWN. As if I wasn't … [Read more...]


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