taking time for the game of chase

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I would say over the last year I have transitioned into a work at home mom. As my blog has continued to grow over the years (hey, thanks guys for putting up with me!), and I now co-run Thrive and am a part of The Influence Events Team and am about to launch my shop....well I do a lot. So, I spend quite a bit of my time working and writing. I always thought I would be a working mom. My mom was, and I couldn't wait to have a career. But after working many years as an event planner and learning … [Read more...]

it hit close to home.


When I was in elementary school a tornado ripped through our backyard. I will never forget how trees were uprooted and all the crazy damage. That was my first experience with a tornado. Living in Oklahoma, you just learn about tornadoes first hand. In school you have tornado drills and learn how to curl up in a ball and put your hands over your head. You never think it will actually happen though. The wrath of a tornado is horrific. And this week was the worst I've seen. Being this close … [Read more...]

sweet reminders


Throughout the day yesterday, I made notes in my phone of little things that made me smile. Any time I was feeling anxious, or letting my emotions take over I would go look at the list. I had a precious friend tell me to do something special with each of my kids to remind me how much I like them. That sounds silly, but it's so true. When you are struggling through a tough time, it's easy to get caught up in it and forget how wonderful those little people are. Forcing myself to notice the little … [Read more...]

blessed is she who believes


It's in this season that I get all weepy and overwhelmed with how blessed I am. Yes, part of it is the intense amount of hormones overtaking my body at the moment, but a lot of it is legit. I find myself tearing up just watching my babies play together, and realizing what perfect little blessings they are. I need this season to remind me of how blessed I am.  Isn't that horrible?? Shouldn't I ALWAYS know how blessed I am? Shouldn't I wake up every day knowing that my cup overflows and stop … [Read more...]

cleaning house, a fetus worm and $2 sunglasses


It's been a crazy busy week around here. After the whole spider bite ordeal, my entire world got put on hold for a while. My house was a disaster, I had barely touched my computer in weeks. This week has been catch up week. Cleaning week. Super fun. But looking back, it was super fun. We saw our baby!! Seriously, that freaked me out because I thought there were two. Apparently it's just a cozy baby. The house is clean. I make lists with crayon. My babies got matching outfits and … [Read more...]

when life explodes with goodness

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Whoa, I have been busy. Remember that time I started a new business and then got preggo immediately? Hello, complete exhaustion! There is so much good and so many huge blessings going on in my life right now. I'm amazingly overwhelmed with my God and all He is pouring out in my life. So stinking cool! This pregnancy is so different than the first two (so far). I'm not very far along at all but so far I'm feeling pretty good!! I'm starting to rely on nap time more for a chance to rest (so … [Read more...]

party of five!!!!


For those of you that were not math majors in college... THREE UNDER THREE. And to answer your questions: Yes, we know we are crazy (crazy blessed!!) Yes, our hands will be very full (with our amazing babies!) and most importantly... We know exactly what causes this. … [Read more...]

the little things of summer


I love summer. Full of lots of water fun, and lots of sunshine. My girls are at such fun ages to introduce them to new things and experience lots of first with them! Our summer is off to a great start and so much fun is ahead. What have we been up to? -- Cupcakes -- -- Swimming with cousins -- -- Snocone dates with daddy -- -- Wagon Rides at my parent's farm -- -- Lunch with friends -- Summer is off to a great start.  ------------- linking up with kacia & lindsay … [Read more...]

yes, I have a potty in my car.


I feel like I need to play catch up! I've been crazy busy and not really sure with what? Oh right, changing diapers and cleaning poo off the floor ;) Potty training is going great, but it's just annoying!! I'm really proud of how well Jessi has done. She still has accidents, and needs reminding but she'll go days being dry. I will put that in the win column! I joined the next level of motherhood and I drive around in my minivan...with a POTTY IN THE BACK. I still can't get over … [Read more...]


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