everybody poops…or do they?

Warning — I over share.

We had a defining moment as parents this week.Β  Boy did we ever. If you follow me on twitter, {which you should because I’m awe-some} you probably saw me talking about my daughters BMs. Well…lack there of.Β  Since switching to formula, and then starting solids, her poor little body went through a lot.

Monday was day 3 of no poo, and she was trying HARD. The red face, hold your breath, pop your ears kind of squeezing was going on. And nothing. So finally, I gave in after she was screaming in pain and called the pediatrician. I strive to not be that first time mom that calls every other day, and am proud to say in 6 months this was only my third time to call. And why do the nurses act all weird about saying the word “poop”? Yes, my baby poops. Your baby poops. I poop, you poop…we all poop. Or we would explode. Let’s call it what it is people.


she’s going to hate me for posting this…

We came to the conclusion that it was likely the bananas she had just started on a few days earlier that had the poor girl all plugged up. Darn, those bananas were tasty too! Doc gave me instructions on how to “assist”, and I knew it was going to scar me for life, so I waited until daddy got home. Without going into too much detail, she was finally able to get it all out, and she is feeling much better. Still struggling this morning, but on the road to recovery.

I hope and pray that she doesn’t always struggle with this, and thinking I need to work some natural laxatives into her diet. Anyone else have issues with this and find a good thing to help?

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  1. Kelsey Hails says:

    Here is a link to a mayoclinic article about foods with high fiber. Just adding these to her diet will do wonders. And I know she can’t eat them all yet, but a lot of the ones on there are available in baby food. Or you can always puree your own.

  2. Kelsey Hails says:
  3. Eli had the same issue… We switched to oat cereal (he actually eats ground up steel cut oats), instead of rice cereal, and even gave him pears when he was really bad. I now have a jumbo pack of suppositories, but hope I never have to use them again! But, like a true mom, I actually enjoyed the experience b/c I could see it brought him relief! The things we do… ;)

    http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/constip.htm — my go-to source for feeding.

  4. We had a lot of problems with my youngest when he was a baby. He went a whole month without pooping. It was such a miserable time for him and me. I eventually had to give him straight up apple juice…not watered down…and it worked.

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