bump day – 38 weeks


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bump day – 37 weeks


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bump day – 36 weeks


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bump day – 35 weeks


For those of you wondering if I'm ever going to blog about anything other than my belly, you try being 9 months pregnant and see if you think about anything else :) So here you have it. Yet another weekly update. … [Read more...]

bump day – 34 weeks


I barely have the energy to tell you how exhausted I am. This pregnancy is sucking the life out of me. I can't WAIT to meet this sweet girl and be done with her in my belly!!! It's hard to believe that 5 weeks from today we will meet her. Honestly? I wouldn't be disappointed if I went into labor a week early. But since my body doesn't understand how to do that, I'm not counting on it. The good news? Β The end is near. I can feel it. Or maybe that's just the urge to pee every 10 seconds. … [Read more...]

bump day – 33 weeks


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bump day – 31 & 32 weeks


So here's a fun story. Last week when I was 31 weeks, the day before we left on vacation, I took a shower, put make up and clothes on JUST for my belly pictures so I could get them posted. Then, I took my battery out of my camera to charge it for our trip. Aaaaaaand left it on the charger and didn't even get to use my camera on vacation. Talk about a bummer. So I couldn't pull the pictures off to post them either. Therefore, you get two weeks today. Lucky you. I'm getting sooooooooo … [Read more...]

bump day – 30 weeks


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bump day – 29 weeks


I wish I could talk about how wonderful and lovely pregnancy is, but I have a NASTY cold that keeps getting worse and worse. So I'm basically curled up in a ball of whiney, hormonal snot. It's not a pretty sight. At least I took a shower a couple of days ago to take some pictures in an attempt to look human. Wow, 10 weeks to go! Next week I start 2 week appointments and we get to officially get our c-section date on the hospital schedule. The rest will fly by! Let's hope! … [Read more...]


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