easy valentines for the last minute mama!


Oh no! You just realized Valentine's Day is in a few days and you have nothing ready for your kid's class? Have no fear! Mom Diggity to the rescue (oh man, I need a cape!!!)!! All you need for this quick and easy valentine is: -Cello Bags (buy them at your local craft store) or you could use sandwich bags! -Candy hearts -Printer Click on the link below to download the file and print as many copies as you need. Cut them as a 4x6 and fill your bags! This creates not only a bag full … [Read more...]

parenting girls: the battle with modesty


If I've learned anything about parenting - is the fact that it's hard. Every stage has it's challenges, and every day is new and different. And being a mom to all girls definitely has it's challenges. I've been thinking a lot lately about raising my girls. When you have your babies and they are little you're so busy with diapers, spit up & ABCs you don't think much about what is ahead. It seems like every time I'm out with my girls, someone makes a comment about how tough the teen years … [Read more...]

advice for balancing multiple little ones


I get asked all the time how I handle it all. 3 kids 3 and under. That's a lot of kids. A lot of babies. My day revolves around constantly cleaning up messes, breaking up girl fights and making sippy cups of milk and juice. The second I sit down, someone needs something. I hear "mommy" approximately 27 billion times a day. So, you want to know how I do it all? The truth? I don't. But I have some great advice to help you excel at managing multiple babies! These are some things that have really … [Read more...]

introducing: the baby companion


Confession: I'm not a book reading mama. Someone gave me a certain baby book (we won't go naming names) when I was pregnant with Jessi and I remember sitting to read it and actually laughing out loud. Basically, it wasn't for me. In no way do I think using "methods" are wrong parenting, it's just not my style. I'm an instinctive parent. A heart parent. I go with the needs of each of my kids, and do what my gut tells me. But that doesn't mean I had all the knowledge. I still use google on … [Read more...]

a simple christmas craft for toddlers


We are having so much fun teaching our girls about Christmas with our Advent calendar. Jessi has finally caught on to the fact that we do something fun every day and has started asking to "open her present" everyday. We have fun envelopes with the days activity in it, go check them out here! I wanted to share something we did that was a big hit! I like to make an ornament with the girls so they have something to be embarrassed by when they are 17 and their boyfriends come over.  But making … [Read more...]

teaching them about Christmas {part 2}

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite Christmas teaching tools with you. Today, I'm going to share another!! My girls are big readers. They will sit for hours and look at books. I LOVE THAT! So I was really excited to get this Christmas Bible Storybook to read to my girls. Teaching them about Christmas is tough when there is so much shoved in their faces about presents and shop shop shop. That's all fun, but I want their hearts in the right place and to learn early on what it's REALLY … [Read more...]

teaching them about Christmas {part 1}


Can you believe it's already time for Christmas? I love this time of year. I'm one of those Christmas nuts and I just can't get enough of it all. But as a mom of little ones, it can be stressful. There's SO much media thrown at our kids and that Christmas is all about presents and spending money. That scares me. I'm always looking for ways to teach my tiny ones what Christmas is really about, and hiding the Toys'r'us ads so their hearts aren't filled with "want, want, WANT!!!" I want to … [Read more...]

winter carseat safety tips

I was shopping online a few days ago for Jessi a winter coat, and while skimming through reviews I was SHOCKED at how many people left reviews talking about buckling their kids into their carseats with their coats on. It was really scaring me to read that, because it was a reminder of how unaware people are of carseat safety. Since I've taken upon myself to share my tiny bit of knowledge with you, you get to hear a fun carseat rant today! As we get into the colder seasons, there are some … [Read more...]

playing dress up & dreaming big


As kids, one of our favorite things to do is play dress up. Am I right? How many times did you put on your mom's shoes and pretend to be someone else? We always dreamed of being something special when we grew up. A doctor, or a lawyer or a wedding planner. We had big dreams. Are you still dreaming big? Are you still putting on those big high heels and hoping BIG things for your future? I hope you are. I still am. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the madness of life, and as a … [Read more...]


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