a totally epic colorful birthday!


I'm one of "those moms" when it comes to my kid's birthdays. I'm obsessed. But the more children I have, and the more birthdays we celebrate...the less I've been doing. Most likely it's the lack of energy to do anything since I'm chasing them all day! I think I started planning Jessi's 1st Birthday Party when she was about 6 months old. So about two weeks ago, I was sitting at my dining room table (with little people running amuck around me) and realized Zoey's birthday was sneaking up. So I … [Read more...]

life lately: a vacation


We've been in recovery mode the past week from a wonderful vacation. We spent 11 days away at our family's lake house and it was amazing. I recently had a bad flare up of postpartum anxiety and was not doing well, so a trip away was just what I needed. I was able to get a lot of rest, alone time and time with my hubby and sisters that I so needed. We made s'mores, went on nature walks, jessi caught a fish, watched a lot of sunsets, did some fun crafts, and enjoyed some much needed relaxation and … [Read more...]

vacation schmacation


Well, hello there. Sorry if you feel like you are having a dejavu, but I had some issues with losing blog posts last week and am attempting to recreate them. We got home from vacation Sunday evening, and it was a great 11 days away. Having my hubby for that long and grandparent help was amazing. I got much needed alone time and a chance to spend a lot of time with the Lord. I also did some shopping and had lots of fun sister time. Can't beat that! Sidenote - Are you a part of the Thrive … [Read more...]

our easter


We had a fabulous Easter with my family! We hunted eggs, made birds nests, planted flowers, ate yummy food and most importantly, celebrated the resurrection of our Lord! The girls had a blast playing together and spending time with family. Oh, and that time that I left a piece of chocolate in Zoey's Easter basket on the way home from the egg hunt? Oops. That was a giant, hilarious mess.  Enjoy a huge photo dump today and a little fun yummy activity to do with the kids!! It doesn't even … [Read more...]

family of FIVE!


 Because sometimes a park day must double as a family photo op. Also known as: I'm too cheap to pay for a photographer/grandma was with us/we didn't have a picture of the 5 of us together. So there you go. All five of us!      … [Read more...]

maternity pictures {babyM}


We took family pictures this weekend, and I'm loving how they turned out! It's amazing how you can still get a few good pictures when it's a complete nightmare behind the scenes. The girls were NOT in good moods, but we still managed to end up with some fun pictures to remember our pregnancy with BabyM! Also? We are not above bribing with donuts and giant suckers. Enjoy!    … [Read more...]

our christmas vacation


We took a trip to Houston for Christmas to spend the week with family and meet our new baby niece! It was so much fun, and such an interesting trip with our little ones. Traveling isn't the easiest with our girls, so a flight was entertaining. Jessi absolutely loved the airplanes and was amazing the whole time. Zo got pretty restless but still was great. I use the word "vacation" loosely because nothing is a vacation with two toddlers, but we still had a great time! The girls LOVED their baby … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from US!


You read that right. We have a beautiful name for our 3rd baby girl. But that's all you get until she arrives on February 20th! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  … [Read more...]

Christmas came early


We celebrated our little family Christmas a few days early because we are flying out bright and early Christmas morning to visit family (and meet our brand new baby niece!!!). Since our babes are still so young and don't quite "get it", we went very simple and I'm so glad we did. A few minutes after opening gifts, Jessi was right back to playing with the empty wrapping paper tube she had found a few days earlier. Why spend a ton of money on your kids when they are entertained just as much with a … [Read more...]


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