rest and why it’s good for the soul


I'm not very good at taking breaks. I'm what one might call an "overachiever". I mean come on, I had 3 babies in under three years. That's just showing off! #winkyface But seriously, I really have a hard time stopping. I am involved in a lot of things and so it's easy for me to keep my mind spinning at full speed and never slow down. My friend Nathalie told me the other day I remind her of an energizer bunny, and while this is funny, it can be a bit scary too. I never thought I would become a … [Read more...]

a new season is coming


Last week I realized I was being a total debbie downer. After a few "are you doing ok" text messages and "I'm worried about you" conversations, I realized I was letting the dark side sink in. It had been a HARD few months. Literally on new years eve, a horrible round of sickness crept up on us. For nearly 3 months someone has been sick. We've had stomach flus, RSV, sinus infections and more. You name it, we've probably had it in the past 3 months. With the endless winter and endless sickness, … [Read more...]

overcoming my weakness


I sank into my favorite "alone spot". A little corner booth at one of my favorite restaurants where there is bottomless sweet tea. For me, creativity and sweet tea pretty much go hand-in-hand. It had been a beast of a week. I honestly didn't even know what day of the week it was, much less was I really sure what month we were in. My heart ached, my body ached. I cried out to God, why-oh-why does life hurt so bad? Why is the world so harsh? Why does motherhood and being a women make me ache to my … [Read more...]

ditching the quiet time


You've heard the term "quiet time", right? Of course you have. That term has been rubbing me the wrong way for a while now. Now, don't get me wrong, hear me out ok?Β I struggle with feeling like we are modernizing our God, and putting rules on a relationship. Why are we putting our relationship with God in a box when He made us in His image? Our God does not live in a box. I'm a rule follower, super type A. I like things in order and I love a good schedule. So, I struggle with guilt … [Read more...]

bold: vision


It's so easy to jump on the "one word" train and then completely forget what your word is a few months into the year. Last year I chose the word "Thrive" and man oh man, did God ever use that word. I will never forget how 2013 rocked me in so many ways. I decided to focus on a different area of my life each month for my word this year. My word this year is BOLD. There are so many areas of my life I want to be more bold in and I'm excited to see how God uses me as I break free of some bondage … [Read more...]

stepping back this holiday season


There's a lot of pressure when you're a blogger and a mama of three littles. Pressure to do it all, appear to have it all together and lead the way in motherhood. And let me be clear: no one puts this pressure on me but ME. I promise, it's me, not you. So, why do we as bloggers allow ourselves to feel like we always have to one-up ourselves? Just because last year's advent was successful, I felt the need to go over the top this year. I started planning and scheming for what we would do. I even … [Read more...]

a brand new day


The past two weeks have been probably two of the hardest weeks of my life. I've faced some things that I hoped I would never have to, but I'm thankful to say that through it all...God is still so good. Without going into much detail, maybe later on I can share more, but I must say that I'm so thankful for each of you. It's when the difficult times strike that I realize how amazing the online community really is. I've gotten so much encouragement and prayer from so many of you. Thank you for … [Read more...]

when it all gets a little rocky


When I look back on the week, I always try to reflect on the good. Because I'm a glass half full kind of person.Β I love linking up with my friend Blair because it's usually all about cute babies and the fun we've had in the past week. This week? My glass is low. It's about 3/4 empty. I have been walking through an absolutely unfathomable situation with one of my very best friends, and my postpartum anxiety is through the roof. Struggling would be an understatement. I'm broken. So very broken. … [Read more...]



I believe that God speaks to us in many different ways. For me, I get a word in my head and I just cling to that word during specific seasons. God speaks to me a lot through a single word and through music, and the song Relentless by Hillsong United has been a favorite lately. When I first heard this song, I went and looked up the word "relentless" because I love reading about meanings. I saw it described this way in one place: When you're relentless about something, you mean business. You're … [Read more...]


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