Hi, I’m KK! Welcome to The Mom Diggity.

The Mom Diggity is a parenting and lifestyle blog focused on family, faith and fun. I’m a storyteller + dreamer,  encouraging moms to celebrate the beauty in the everyday chaos.

I’m a wife and a stay work at home mommy to my 3 little girls (ages 3 and under!). I’m a perfectionist learning to be flexible. A crunchy wanna-be. A professional nose wiper. I adore Jesus, sweet tea, bacon, orphans and clean sheets.

The Mom Diggity is the place that I’m honest and real about motherhood, and I hope to be an encouragement and inspiration to other moms. Whether you are like me and have tiny ones or whatever stage you are in, I hope that you can come here and get real with me. I promise not to sugar coat parenting, but will encourage you to enjoy every moment as we become the moms that God calls us to be! Let’s enjoy this journey together!


I started blogging before blogging was a thing, been around here a long time folks. I’ve always loved writing and pouring my heart out through words. If you want to read some popular posts to get to know me a bit better, that’s a grew place to start!


I’m in a mad, crazy love affair with my hubby. He’s my rock. He leaves his socks on the floor but there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than enjoying life with him.

In March of 2010 I became a mommy, and I was hooked. We then had baby #2 only 17 months later, and added #3 17 months after that! (That was 3 under 3 for you non-math majors!). It’s been a blast! We are planning to adopt a couple of cuties in the next couple of years!


It’s through the ups and downs of motherhood that I have found my voice on the internet. In June of 2013, along with a good blogging friend, we launched Thrive. A online ministry to encourage, inspire and bless moms. It’s such a joy to be able to pray for moms from all over and encourage them through their week! I’m so honored that God chose my story to be used for His glory!


I’m also honored to be a part of The Influence Network and love the community and friendships I’ve made there. I am a part of the Influence Events Team as the Influence Conference Coordinator.


I also design cards and stationary for fun in my “free time”! I was a full time event planner before I became a mom, and I just love celebrating life’s adventures! I design invitations, greetings cards, birth announcements, stationary and other fun things!




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