a christmas tradition {one wintry night giveaway}

I’m a traditional girl. I love traditions, and now that I’m a mom I thrive on them. This is my third Christmas celebrating my favorite holiday with my kiddos, and I just adore creating our own family traditions to celebrate Christmas. My girls are BIG readers. They may only be 1 and 2, but seriously they spend half their day reading books. We are creating quite a Christmas book collection, and they learn SO much about Christmas through them.

Their favorite thing to do is crawl up on the couch and sit as close to each other as possible and read. It’s adorable.

IMG_1296Β IMG_1362

Being a Tommy Mommy, I get to read lots of new books with my girls! I was thrilled to get this new book called “One Wintry Night”Β by Ruth Bell Graham. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a boy lost in a snow storm and he learns about Jesus on his journey. Although this book is best for kids ages 4-7, I know it will be loved by my girls for many Christmases to come! Β This is a great book to curl up on the couch and read together as a family. Such an incredible take on the story of the birth of our Savior!


I encourage you to add this book to your Christmas book library!
You can purchase the book here, or enter to win one today!!

Simply leave a comment and let me know one of your favorite Christmas traditions and you’ll be entered to win a copy of this book!


  1. One of my favorite Christmas traditions that I have started with my husband, and will continue through the years is making an ornament every year that symbolizes that year. My husband and I are in seminary together and took a class learning the Hebrew language, so our ornament last year was the profound word Emmanual written in Hebrew on the ornament. The previous year it was Hope since my sister died that year reminding us that life is fragile, but our true life begins with Christ in heaven. We only have two ornaments so far, but this year we’re already planning what we should put on the new ornament. I can’t wait to bring our children into the mix and get them excited about making the ornament as a family. We have not bought a full set of ornaments for our tree for this reason. Every year our tree will have one more ornament than the last year as we add a memory.

  2. I can’t believe I wrote all that and spelled Emmanuel wrong. Oh well…

  3. Kristin Stewart @ thismamasheartthoughts.blogspot.ca says:

    My family always opened our gifts from each other Christmas Eve because our Christmas Day was so busy visiting. So now that I am married with a little one, we open the gifts from my parents Christmas Eve and each other as well as his parents on Christmas Day. We live far from our parents so do it all on Skype. My husband also reads the Christmas Story every Christmas morning from Luke while we eat our breakfast.
    What is a Tommy Mommy?

  4. We love reading Christmas stories in our home too! My little girl is only 15 months and she reads with me or to herself all day long :) One of our favorite traditions we’ve started with her is going caroling and taking goodies to the people we sing to. Last year we baked cookies, dressed our tiny newborn up as an elf, and went to sing at a senior rehabilitation center. This year I made treat bags and we hopped in the car and made stops at the homes of several friends. Our singing may not be perfect but it’s a way to spread Christmas cheer!

  5. We have a couple of traditions we do each year. Cookies – we get together with my mom and make cookies each year. Its fun seeing how our decoration skills progress with each year. Ornaments – I buy two new ornaments each year, one for us as a family(something that represents the three of us) and then I pick one for my son based on what his favorite character was that year or what he was into the most.

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