bump day! weeks 11 & 12

I got a little behind with vacation and a super amazing wedding last weekend. 

So you go! 2 weeks of bump pics!! 


  1. 12 weeks already!! Wow, how did that happen? It was around this time in your last pregnancy I found you.

    I’m so very glad to hear that you have been feeling so well this time round, even with the anaemia and being so crazily busy.

    Your bump is looking lovely and how wonderful to have reached the stage of seeing baby and hearing the heartbeat. Between hearing your news and that of a couple more friends I’m getting quite broody ;) xx

  2. Glad you’re feeling good!! Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby made both pregnancies so much more real to me. So excited for you! :)

  3. i hated sweet tea until i was pregnant. now i love it! same with tomatos, cilantro, and lunch meat.

    • I’m a HUGE fan of sweet tea and always crave it, but now I want it really bad and have to cut back on the caffeine because i’m anemic. Not fun!! It’s so weird how our bodies want certain things!

  4. Yay! Glad you are feeling great! Maybe this time it’s a boy!!!! :) you look so cute.

  5. Seriously adorable! I’m glad you’re feeling so much better. I think it’s a BOY!!

  6. Hahaha I crave sweet tea and baked potatoes on a daily basis. Haha

    Miss you.

  7. Absolutely love your posts and you are so gorgeous!

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