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OK, Ashley told me last night she wanted to see if I was the way she “pictured” me. So I give in and am finally linking up with The Girl Behind The Blog.

I HATE MYSELF ON VIDEO. Don’t we all? Ok, glad I got that out before you watch this. I was in our playroom recording this so the lighting is horrid and I had a video crasher because Jessi Girl insisted on sitting with me! And whoa, the dog grunting in the background.

Loving getting to know the rest of the linker uppers better!! It IS fun to see you guys talk :)

So here is a little more about me….

[vsw id="Lg-F0FjX2RY" source="youtube" width="525" height="444" autoplay="no"]



  1. Awww so nice to see you & hear you:)

  2. new follower!

    you seem like an awesome person and parent! cant wait to follow along

    And, I must agree about the bad parenting. Had an awful experience in public yesterday with this topic. Heart wrenching, to say the least.

    Happy Wednesday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay!!! Ok, you are JUST how I pictured you (is that weird!) and Jessi is simply adorable. I’m so glad you linked up. I am a TERRIBLE baker. But I love cooking. So, there’s that. haha. cant wait to see you face to face!

  4. This is so cute! I love it :)

    I always enjoy seeing videos of people. I haven’t done a video for my blog in absolutely ages. I think they are lovely though as you get to hear what people sound like. Especially when the blogger lives so far away from you and you know the chances of you ever meeting in person are slim (though I’m still hoping one day I’ll be able to afford a trip to the states to meet all the awesome bloggers I’ve met).

  5. i am so glad you did this!

    1. jessi is adorable!
    2. t-shirts are awesome! my go-to outfit now that i am mommy is a big t-shirt and leggings.
    3. i love to bake as well…but am taking a break because the oven heats up my house too much during the summer. so now i have resorted to making ice cream.

    thanks for sharing! love your blog.

    happy wednesday!

    • Oh man I know what you mean, baking in the summer is ROUGH! But that’s when I like to pig out since it’s so hot! :)

  6. so fun to meet you today!!! I just found your blog through the link up today and am so glad I did! your little one is so sweet! I see you are in OK – we moved to Norman last year!! we should meet up!! :) yay for blog friends in real life!! how old are your girls?? also, I love to bake too – trying to love to cook just as much too. also…you are such a gorgeous mama!!! :)

  7. Ahhhh!! I’m so glad you linked up, it’s nice to ‘meet’ you!!!

  8. You girls are too cute! Love seeing both you and Jessi! I thought you’d have more of an Oklahoma accent, but you really don’t. Andrew watched and said he wants to be friends with y’all! :)

    • Ha nope, I don’t have much of an accent. My hubby thinks I do :) Sometimes it really comes out, but I try to use my “camera voice”!

  9. So glad you linked up! Y’all are too cute! And congrats on the new baby on the way!! :)

  10. Jessi is so cute! i can tell we’re going to be good friends: you like to bake dessert and i like to eat it! haha. i love chocolate. i have a little m&m dispenser in my apartment and when i actually kept it stocked i kept interrupting myself doing homework in my bedroom just to go to the living room and get a handful.

  11. Princess Stephie says:

    You and your daughter are GORGEOUS. Lol Jessi is like loving that bagel haha. I’m all up for sweets too! Nice post. New follower.

  12. Hi.. You are indeed a very inspiring person and and I just happy I have found this blog here.. Thank you!

  13. While I was watching Rylie came over and said mommy what’s her name? I want to say hi to her. lol.

  14. very cute!! Your daughter is so sweet :)

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