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Hi ladies!!! Wow, I hope you have been impacted by #shereadstruth the way I have!!! It’s been an honor to get to know so many of you as we link arms and hearts across our world and dig into the truth of God’s word!!! I woke up this morning and thought “I should giveaway one of the Soul Detox books”.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I know a lot of you have been REALLY impacted by this study (I know I have), so I want to share this awesome book with you that is where the reading plan came from. My pastor, Craig Groeschel wrote this book and it has rocked our church!

Just follow the instructions below to enter! I can’t wait to join you in the next #shereadstruth study starting tomorrow!!!!! Ohhhhhh it’s a good one :)

This is going to be a quick one day giveaway and then I’ll send the book out this weekend! So hurry and enter!!

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  1. Ooh, I’d love to read a copy! I didn’t know there was a book!

  2. It really opened my eyes to the type of friends that I have surrounded myself with. Some are uplifting and help me grow, but the ones who aren’t… I never really realized just how much of a negative impact they had on the not just my other relationships but my whole life! They drained me, they made me negative, they made it easy for toxicity to live and breed in my life. Cleansing my life of them has really made my life, my relationships, my attitude so much better. Praise God!

  3. God led me to #shereadstruth through a She Reads Truth button on a blog I follow and it has just been the greatest blessing! For me I’ve come to realize that there are multiple ways to control my toxic thoughts – first by what I personally think and secondly by the type of people around me. I’ve made a conscious effort to notice my toxic thoughts (God has helped me a lot here and I feel it working!) and I’ve added the She Reads Truth community to my daily “life” through twitter and the blog comments. I can’t say I’ve taken anyone out of my life for their toxic thoughts, but if coworkers gossip I am much more conscientious of how I respond to their words. It’s been such an incredible journey and I feel blessed by the women supporting me along the way that I don’t even know! I’m praying for us all!

  4. This study has helped me to be in the word each day, and has really forced me to think about the cultural toxins in my life. I also appreciate the online accountability to be keeping with the study.

  5. This series has been AMAZING and I cannot wait to walk with this community of women through another study!!

  6. i didn’t know there was a book! I came to the study late so still have several days to go and I’m glad there will be something else after this!

  7. Before I started Soul Detox, I really struggled to have good words to say about myself, through the study, I’ve learnt so much about the toxic words and relationships that are keeping me from being close to God.
    If you’d told me a few weeks ago, that this would affect me so greatly, I wouldn’t believe it but today I am changed. God is GOOD!

  8. I didn’t know there was a book! I have been following She Reads Truth and I have loved Soul Detox. I can’t wait to find out the new one tomorrow!

  9. My sister-in-law has been reading this book and I’m always up for a new, good, inspiring read!

    p.s. Just realized my first daughter and Jessi have the same middle name…exact spelling! :>

  10. Awesome giveaway! I have LOVED SheReadsTruth and the SoulDetox!

  11. The Lord truly has begun to transform my heart. I am seeing more clearly. I have more joy & an incredible peace! PLUS- I’m in His WORD everyday! Praise God!

    • In all honesty I didn’t participate in #shereadstruth I had no idea about it until more of my IG friends were putting up pictures with the hash tag. I would have loved to participate, but I didn’t know there was a book and would love to read it. I recently went to my first Christian women’s retreat, and the Lord spoke to me so clearly while I was there. I need to learn more of His word and start bible studies!

  12. Grace (My Spare Oom) says:

    God has opened my eyes through this detox just how much fear is a toxin in my life…I am so afraid of messing up, of making the wrong decision, of what people (loved ones + friends) think of me, and of not being smart/funny/stylish/talented enough. I didn’t realize how much fear played a part in all of that…this study has been SO convicting. I cannot wait for the new one!

  13. Found your blog via twitter. I’d love to read a Christian inspiration book. Trying to find more community. looks like a great book.

  14. Found your blog via twitter. I’d love to read a Christian inspiration book. Trying to find more community. looks like a great book. I just found #shereadstruth so I’d love to know more abour it

  15. I have been seeing this everywhere!! Love it!! So on my next read list.

  16. I love the #SheReadsTruth community. It’s been such a powerful movement and I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I joined.

  17. The #SheReadsTruth community have been a great help for me. I am still going through Soul Detox but it has been a tremendous blessing to me. :)The plan has been a wonderful blessing to me and I am sure the book will be too.

  18. I was too late to join #shereadstruth the first time around, I’m excited there’s another starting soon! I’ve watched so many lives changed through the tweets on soul detox, I would live to read it for myself :) thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Shannon Higson says:

    Oops, my comment for the contest was empty. I’ve been impacted by the study mostly in that for the first time in a long time, I’ve been reading the Bible regularly. I was also really challenged by the week on toxic fears. Still working through some of that!

  20. Did somebody got the giveaway already? God bless you!

    • Yes! Stephanie from Sand & Starfish won :) Thanks for checking back…I just announced it on twitter, realized I never posted it here!

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